Family: A See-Saw Poem

So close.

So far.

Two blocks away, close enough for my three-year-old to scooter their on his own power.

Two thousand miles away, far enough that my three-year-old has to pause to think when I mention his uncle’s name.

Meals together every Tuesday and Wednesday, lapsed after just a few months into routine and predictability.

Meals described on Skype at big holidays, lushly described and imagined, fanciful.

Conversation full of fun facts, latest news, interesting updates.

Conversation full of family gossip, honest questions, and easy laughter.

In my head, I know that these people love my husband, love my kids, love me.

In my bones, I know that these people love me, love my kids, love my husband.

So far.

So close.


6 thoughts on “Family: A See-Saw Poem

  1. I love that you flipped “so far” and “so close” as your last two lines. It really made me pause and look back at every other line in order to get the full impact of the poem. Excellent!

  2. When I read your work, I felt like I was zooming in for “so close” and zooming out for “so far.” I enjoyed that journey–most especially, “In my bones, I know these people love me.”

  3. My heart is aching with this poignant poem you wrote. I can completely relate. My daughter’s grandparents are all 2.5 – 4 hours away. But the rest of our family is spread out all over the country (and as far away as the Middle East!). So far and so close.

  4. I reread your poem several times. Not because I didn’t understand it, but to enjoy the full impact. You have inspired me to try writing one of these as well.

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