Happy Birthday

I remember my 10th birthday clearly. We had a “ten” themed party, where everyone brought 10 of something small as a birthday gift. Mostly, I remember that the party was sandwiched in the middle of a month in which I hardly saw my friends other than the party, after a bout of strep, which yielded a fairly intense allergic reaction to penicillin, and was followed shortly thereafter by chicken pox!

So, I know it wasn’t for my 10th birthday that my parents gave me a bag of groceries, but it can’t have been much older or much younger. Either way, the bag of groceries contained the 5 foods I’d declared earlier that year as my personal five food groups.

1) Chocolate, preferably milk

2) Pickles, exclusively Ba Tempte Half Sours (a solid entry in the “vegetable” category)

3) Pretzels, any kind

4) Brie, the fancier the better

5) Root Beer, with a slight preference to A&W, which look so much like my initials AGW

My parents, either lacking inspiration, or perhaps rightfully inspired, went to the Giant and presented me on my birthday with my very own grocery bag full of the 5 food groups. It was such a hit, it was replicated for at least the next two years.

I’ve been asked as an adult how my list stands up over time, and I gotta tell you, I think I pretty much nailed it.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Great story – minus the strep, allergic reaction and chicken pox. I have to agree with you – good choices on the groceries. You were a sophisticated 10 year old asking for brie cheese and half sour pickles. Yum!!

  2. Great work, Mom and Dad – a gift both memorable and original and selected specifically for the birthday girl! I love the details you included when describing the groceries in your gift bag/grocery bag.

  3. What a fun birthday. Not a fun month, but a fun birthday. It sounds like you kept the same tastes you had at ten.
    You are a woman who knows her own mind, and knew it at a young age.
    Your parents sound creative. And fun.

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