A man of few words (right now, anyhow)

“Nathaniel, do you want to help me write my blog today?”

“What’s a glog?”

“That’s where you write your ideas…”

“And then give them to people! Can you write down my ideas, what I did today?”



Number One: Gymnastics.”

“Do you want to say something about it, how it made you feel, or something you did, or something you saw?”

“No. Next, Aunt Hadley’s. Going Home. Going to REI (soon). Next (each time I finish a word, put next, okay, so you don’t have to put a space). Next go back home. Next play. Next have dinner. Next get ready for bed. Go to sleep.”

“What would you like people to say or think about your day today?”


Send it.”

(I goot to help!)


8 thoughts on “A man of few words (right now, anyhow)

  1. What a great idea. I can imagine the two of you at the keyboard together. Love the slicey-ness of a child’s perspective. Each event had its own story, and when listed together tell a story too – of a good day spent together. Well done you two.

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