The More We Get Together

I had this great idea the other day, on 3/9, that I would take a picture at :39 past the hour every hour and just post that photocollage, and it would be so cool and slicey. And then I took the pictures, and it was, I suppose, a slice of life, but with nothing cool about it. So I tried again today, once an hour, to take a picture.

The side-by-side comparison:

Monday                                              Saturday

IMG_0099    IMG_0136IMG_0103    IMG_0149

IMG_0105    IMG_0150

IMG_0107    IMG_0151

IMG_0108     IMG_0155

IMG_0109     IMG_0160

And that was just the morning. The afternoon, I assure you, looks very similar.


Tonight, right after this last picture, my children broke into a spontaneous chorus of “The More We Get Together, the Happier We’ll Be.” I couldn’t agree more, and it feels like the kind of agreeing that demands action.


3 thoughts on “The More We Get Together

  1. Love this post and the contrast. Monday with the symbols of isolation (cluttered desk, lone mug, sadly efficient spork utensil) then Saturday with lots people and emotions in every photo. I might be inspired to try it myself. Thanks!

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