We’ve been having a problem with ants. We’ve always had a few here, a few there, but they’ve moved from light brigade to wholesale invasion force. The kind you need an Act of Congress to approve.

I can’t remember when it started, but we’d see their little scurrying bodies sneaking in a neat, orderly line from the leftover birthday cake to the door. Touche, ants, touche. We cleaned and caulked and moved on with our lives.

Then, there was the infestation in the bathroom medicine cabinet, drawn to grape-flavored Child Tylenol that had been left in a cup. They were everywhere, even the threads of the bottle, each little body wedged in there. If it hadn’t been for the writhing, we would have looked like a poppy seed factory. We cleaned and caulked and did a little gross out dance and moved on with your lives.

And then, today, arriving home, the kitchen sink is more black than white, teeming. No more orderly line, they’ve gone rogue. There’s too much to clean, no place to caulk, and I’ve moved from gross out dance to heebie jeebies!

I don’t suppose it would appropriate to swear off moving on and just MOVE?


5 thoughts on “Ants

  1. Oh my gosh. “they’ve gone rogue.” !!! Seriously, even though I’m laughing, I am SO sorry. I can relate! I had an ant brigade invade a couple summers ago, and it was the WORST. You describe it perfectly.. from their initial neat little uniform lines to the full on gorrilla warfare fester. I cracked up at, “We cleaned and caulked and did a little gross out dance and moved on with your lives.” It’s so gross! Dumb little ants. haha…truly, if you can’t already tell, I really enjoyed your post. Good luck girl!

  2. I love the build-up from the line trooping to the birthday cake to the full-scale invasion in the sink. I know they are a nuisance; but there presence inspired a funny, image-rich post!!!

  3. Oh gross, I hate when ants make their way into my space. Just awful. They hate a lot of herbs and spices if I remember right. Good luck chasing them away, or scooping up the family and running away yourselves.

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