Down by the Sea

Today we took the kids down to the beach – all rocks and driftwood, but plenty of ferries to gaze at and seagulls to chase.

“N, not to close to the water!” I holler after my eldest, as he marches steadfastly forward, the deeper to be able to throw his rocks.

“Okay, mama!”

“N, if you roll your sleeves up, they won’t get wet!”

“Okay, mama!”

Minutes pass, and I glance up. My child is standing ankle deep in the water – shoes on, socks on, sweatpants on. I’d already hectored, cajoled, and nagged. What else was there to do?

“N, come here!” I called. “Let’s take off your pants so you can really get in there! What underpants do you have on?”

What else was there to do?


6 thoughts on “Down by the Sea

  1. Wonderful! As moms, we have to say, “No,” so much. It’s fun sometimes to be able to just say yes…make a mess, get your sleeves wet, jump in the puddle, eat dessert first! Thank you for sharing this special moment. I also want to thank you for all your support of my posts during these first days of the challenge. Your comments have really encouraged me to keep on writing. Thank you!!!

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