Spaghetti Dinner, a Timeline

6:43: Dinner is served, 13 minutes later than expected.

6:44: S asks for more Parmesan please.

6:45: Parmesan delivered.

6:46: Happy retellings of our day, spent mostly apart.

6:52: N needs more milk.

6:53: Milk delivered.

6:54: S needs more milk.

6:55: Overheard from the kitchen: “My band-aid is BRRRROOOKEEEN,” S in a wavering voice. Husband: “That’s not a band-aid, S. It’s your spaghetti. Take it off your arm.”

6:56: Milk delivered.

6:57: S needs more Parmesan – request denied.

6:59: Children, mercifully, run from the table to play Star Wars in a cardboard box.

7:00: Grateful smile and catch up with the husband.

7:02: Giant beach ball flies through the air, shatters my wine glass, and soaks my salad in Pinot Noir. Dinner, complete.


8 thoughts on “Spaghetti Dinner, a Timeline

  1. An account I can relate too. I love the time format. More milk. More cheese. These our the days of our lives. Thank you for sharing. I know I am not the only one.

  2. Oh goodness. I’m not really looking forward to the (inevitable) start of my daughter walking and talking and spilling glasses of pinot noir… 😉

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