Nosy Neighbor

Our house is conveniently situated so that we are just a few blocks from 3 major streets, making it easy to zip to the library, the school, the grocery store, just about anywhere. Also, we live 4 blocks from a fire station. The confluence of these two truths means that we hear sirens multiple times an hour, which in a house inhabited by two under-fives, means nothing but good news in our house.

It’s especially good news for me, Little Miss Nosy. I’m constantly on the watch for opportunities to eavesdrop, listen in, peek around corners. A busy restaurant is my Mecca. Have you ever seen pictures of prairie dogs, popped out of their holes, ears perky, bodies at attention, ready to protect their kin from any threat? You’ve seen my psyche.

So, imagine my delight in discovering that our city offers an online, real-time 911 web site, which explains (in REAL TIME) where every fire and ambulance is headed to, and what kind of call it is. I’ve learned all kinds of ways of interpreting maladies now, like what a 7 PER RULE or RESCUE- HEAVY might indicate. Gone are the days where I would have to leap out of bed, peer through the blinds and make some kind of guess about which way the trucks were headed, and how close they were coming to our house.

Tonight is a quiet night, so far. An UNK ODOR and a few AID RESPONSES nearby, but nothing much else. So far, my vigilance has paid off.

We are safe.


7 thoughts on “Nosy Neighbor

  1. Haha! This really made me laugh. I love the humor you have about your behaviors. I can relate a bit. I’m always fascinated by how other people are living and what their houses are like on the inside, so I love going to an open house that the owners are trying to sell. It’s such a treat to peek in on worlds. Maybe that’s related to being a reader…

  2. I can totally relate here! I’m the fake neighborhood watch these days and I call non-emergency probably more often than a person should. But, I’m glad to read I’m not alone. Love your storytelling here – perfect wording and tight beginning to end. That seems uncomplimentary, but I mean it as this is a perfect slice of life, I think.

  3. I know very little about what goes on in my neighborhood, but in my classroom is another story. I hear and respond to everything. BTW, your post makes me think you have a good book idea here! Very fun to read.

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