Sundays at the Library with Kids

Recently, I bought myself an iPhone 6. I then proceeded to take a dozen videos of my kids, trying out all the various settings and filters the camera had to offer. I discovered that, while filming your kids in time-lapse as they, say, get dressed for the pool, offers nothing but giggles, filming your kids in slo-mo as they run down the hall away for you is shockingly poignant.


Yesterday, I watched my kids run away from me again, as they charged ahead on our walk to the local library. We’d hold hands, cross the street, and then they’d peel away from me, charging toward the next curb.


It was LEGO MANIA at the library today, and despite buckets full of Legos at home, something about attaching the word MANIA made the trip irresistible. The library is usually a popular destination, although my oldest would always prefer Barnes and Noble, so he can keep the books he finds and loves.

IMG_0083     IMG_0085


They tucked into building, barely noticing my presence or absence as I moved between them. And, when they were done, we worked on floor puzzles until they couldn’t bear waiting any longer to check out books, and tore out of the room and into the children’s section.

That’s when it struck me, they weren’t so much running away from me, as running towards life, towards books, towards learning and fun. It felt awesome. I only wish I had it on slo-mo.


3 thoughts on “Sundays at the Library with Kids

  1. I often wish that I can put time in slo-mo too! Enjoy exploring the new technology…I think it has changed how we record memories of our little ones! Such a cute Slice!

  2. You captured it in words. You’ll always have this slice to remember this special Sunday. I’m a bit envious that blogging didn’t exist when mine were little.

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