1 Trillion Scents

“Your Nose Can Smell 1 Trillion Scents” – WashingtonPost.com, 3/20/14


My mother, the smell of Carefree Wintergreen gum in a too-hot car, on a too-long road trip

My father, coffee breath and burnt toast, translated through a graying beard

My sister, synthetic flowers, a la Bath and Body Works, so sweet it makes the tops of my eyeballs ache

My grandmother, pressed veloute powder, sweet and pure, and cigarettes, foul and dirty

My grandfather, bourbon and stilton, warmed in the sun, with an undertone of musty old book

My uncle, cardboard shipping boxes, chocolate from his store, and a clandestine cigarette

My husband, green, original scent Speed Stick, speaking to something in my reptilian brain

My son, just after nursing, his breath warm and oddly garlicky behind his wet kisses





3 thoughts on “1 Trillion Scents

  1. The ability to connect and then redirect your thoughts shines through in the poem you have created and crafted so meaningfully in this slice. I enjoyed reading it, but above all, I appreciated the journey of your thoughts from fact to reflection.

  2. We sometimes forget how important that smells are to us and how we relate smells to different things in our life. Loved your format…and may have to borrow the topic of different scents for one of my slices this month. 🙂

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