What I Meant to Say

What I meant to say
about the taxes
was not
“If you would just agree to hire a financialy planner, we wouldn’t be so stressed every year about this, and maybe we’d manage things more successfully”
Thank you for owning this piece of our lives
Completely and fully
So that I may live comfortably and with balance.

What I meant to say
about the basement
was not
“Why would you think that they meant concrete patch when it said concrete? Of course, it’s not going to dry in time – this is a classic M project!”
Thank you for being a problem solver
And a doer
So that our boys live the spirit of innovation.

What I mean to say
is that you are not invisible
to me
and that you inspire me
to do better.


3 thoughts on “What I Meant to Say

  1. This is a magical slice, so poetic, so authentic. In fact, I feel like I should borrow it. Thank you for reminding me about the power of choosing my words…and using them for good. Thank you for being transparent with us so we may learn. b

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