By the Numbers

Today, in honor of Pi Day, my March so far by the numbers:

3: The number of days between when our rental tenants will move out and our townhouse goes on the market. Every spare inch of time is devoted to making that happen.

14: The number of pages I’ve written in my action research paper. God, I hope that’s the end of it!

15: The halfway point for this long march! The day I take my blog to a larger audience and share my goals with, you know, the people who know me!

9: Nine more studio PDs to facilitate until Spring Break! Woohoo!

26: The total number of miles I’ve run so far. On the one hand, this feels like a huge accomplishment – but even more amazing is that I’ll have to do half of that in one go in just a few months! 

5: The combined ages of my kids. There! I’ve found a way to shoehorn them in – I can’t imagine reflecting on my life without them there.


5 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. You’re very clever in your writing, you know. I’m always intrigued with your ideas and how you make it so easy to relate to. You are an excellent writer. I look forward to whatever you post every day!

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