I Dreamed a Dream of Times Gone By

Dear Ladies,

Last night, I dreamed of high school. Well, not high school precisely – we were somewhere near a beach, washed in golden light and that bone-saturating warmth that makes teenagers reckless.

Let me tell you, we were glorious. It was the night after graduation, and we were at someone’s fabulous beach house (I told you, not high school precisely). We were having the kind of night that we would have had in high school if we could go back now and advise ourselves to loosen up. Just the right amount of booze and boys. We wore ballgowns and pearls, but with edge. Our hair was messy but styled and we laughed and laughed. I kissed C goodbye by the light of the refrigerator and released him from my heart and mind for good.

At some point it was morning, and we piled together into a car and headed to the beach, tired but still laughing. We pressed against each other and moved together as one big tangle, unique but tied together forever. I don’t remember us saying a single word, but we never stopped talking.

God, I miss you all. Let’s see each other soon.




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