10 Things I Love About You: The Younger

S, My Little Man, on this day:

1. I love that when you are waiting for something, you cross your left foot in front of your shin and lean against a wall, just like your mama.

2. I love that when something joyful happens, like mango for breakfast, you actually shake with excitement.

3. I love that when you are shaking with excitement, your first instinct is to share both your joy and your bounty with others.

4. I love that you mimic everything your brother does, from the naughty to the nice.

5. I love that you are humbling me as a parent, taking on an entirely different set of strengths and challenges from your brother.

6. I love your stinkface, how you purse your lips and draw your eyes down and together to show your displeasure with the moment. And I love how you can be roused out of stinkface I I stinkface you right back, hands on my hips.

7. I love that you recite your litany of friends to and from school every day, starting with your teachers. “Friends! Celia. Maricela. Maria. Allie. Abikar.” May you always know that so many people love you!

8. I love that you climb on top of the dining room table and dance when the mood strikes you, whether or not music is playing. It terrifies and exasperates me, but I love it all the same.

9. I love that you answer most questions with, “Mmmm, yeah.”

10. I love that ever since your haircut last week, you refer to your hair as your haircut. “N touched my haircut!”


4 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About You: The Younger

  1. I love you continued this giving both kids their due. My fav is the stink face. Priceless. My son and I have the same one so I’m defenseless against it. 🙂

  2. As I read your post I can hear your voice. Love so colors your words. I hear the exasperation and worry, but I also hear the pride and love. The image of him dancing on the table was my favorite.

  3. After reading yesterday’s post, I’m glad to read this one. Your love for you children shines through. Dancing on the table made me smile. I remember and miss those days. 🙂

  4. This (and the one about The Elder) is exquisite. I may have to try this out for an upcoming slice of life story about my daughter. What a great way to create a list. It’s specific and serves as a wonderful keepsake.

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