Today, my “day off”, there are so many things I need to do.

The laundry. The bills. Cleaning the house (how long HAS that mug been on my dresser, anyway?). Vacuum the water from the basement if it starts to rain again. Mail my niece a birthday present. Go to work for an hour. Answer emails from friends I haven’t talked to in too long. Write a paper. Get a haircut. Go for a run. Make a grocery list. Buy groceries. Blog. Shower! I should shower! Get some bids on the house project. Pick up my kids early from daycare and form the kind of lasting memories that they’ll recall fondly when they eulogize me.

Instead, I’ve just spent the past two hours in my pajamas, reading.

I have no regrets.


5 thoughts on “Today

    • Soem great SOLer promised I’d love FANGIRL as much as ELEANOR AND PARK – so I’m taking it on! It’s proving a great way to wean myself back into “regular” books after the marvel that was E&P

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