Decisions, decisions

On the one hand, I’m a fabulous decision maker. I’m pragmatic, evaluate a range of options quickly, and move decisively wihtout a lot of processing time. My first instinct choice nearly holds up after endless reasoning later.

On the other hand, when I feel unsteady in my background knowledge, I’m useless at making good decisions. As we prepare to list a townhome we own for sale, the home we lived in when we were first married, where we got pregnant, when we brought our first baby home from the hospital, I find myself incapable of evaluating my instincts and deciding if they’re the right ones.

When I was in high school, terrified that no one would ask me to senior prom, I jumped out ahead of the “asking” curve and enlisted a good friend, a junior who wouldn’t otherwise have been going, to come to prom with me. Four days later, the boy of my dreams asked me to go with him.

I’m having flashbacks to that moment right now. A friend has a potential buyer for the house, more than a month before we even list the house for sale. And it’s so easy and safe, no chance of being “rejected.” But there’s a possibility, in this market, that we could do better if we just hold out and go ahead and list.

I’m all tangled up in the competing fears of rejection and selling myself short. What to do, what to do?


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. My mom used to have us “take on” one decision for a day or an hour as if we’d chosen it, then switch. I also say trust your stomach. It’s the place I hold all of my decisions.

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